Home Additions

There are several types of Home Additions we do here in Hampton Roads, VA. Additions are custom designed to your exact dreams and needs, and the needs and dreams of every family are different! Here are some great ideas to transform your home and allow for more family time.

More Family Room

Sometimes a homeowner wants to add rooms, both bedrooms and bathrooms, for their growing family. Two or second story additions allow you to add exactly the rooms you want at exactly the right size and color you want them. Since you have the option of going up (2nd story addition) or out (room addition), there is no need to go through all of that hassle moving to an entirely new neighborhood!

By adding more family space, you will not only enjoy your home more, but it will up the square footage and home value as well!

Garage Addition

What makes a garage addition so great? No stepping outside in the cold winter, the rainy spring or the hot summer. No matter what the weather, you can start up your cars and trucks in the comfort of your own garage.

Do you need a space for all of your Christmas stuff, bikes or sporting equipment? More storage is the name of the garage addition game. And again, since you are customizing the space, you can have as little or as much storage room as you want.

Have you been considering finishing your basement? Unfortunately, sometimes our basements just do not have the square footage or layout to really become the room we are envisioning. A garage could house all of those art supplies, tools, exercise equipment or toys downstairs or up. Many garages we build have a room above turned into a master bedroom, but this space could be used for anything you want.

Home Office

Home additions are always the most exciting home office projects. An addition allows you to completely customize your new work space. You have the capability of your own bathroom plus an outside entrance for customers. What better way to be close to the family than working from home?

Another benefit? You just set up the desk and you’re ready to go, no painting, flooring or worse… drywall!


If you are getting tired of everyone tracking mud through the house, you can add a small mudroom. These are the perfect place to store the kid’s (big and small) coats, shoes, bags and more! You could also add a breakfast nook with a beautiful window looking out at your yard.

Screened Porch

A screened porch is the perfect place to enjoy the spring, summer and fall with your family, from big kids to little grandkids, everyone enjoys spending time outside. Screened porches are perfect for entertaining events, such as birthdays and graduation parties.


Nothing brightens your mood more than sitting down in your very own sunroom to relax! Sunrooms offer complete natural light and heat, so they usually don’t use much energy, even during the coldest parts of winter. Reduce stress and reap the physical and emotional benefits of natural light in your very own home.